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Food Traveler Magazine's "Foods, Farms, and Flavors"
Stone & Thistle Farm is featured as a premier "Foods, Farms, and Flavors" tourism destinations and was selected among the top 25 destinations in NYS's 14 county Appalachian region.
This project, coordinated and sponsored by the DC-based Appalachian Regional Commission (ARC), was just published and distributed in Food Traveler Magazine's July 2014 edition, which featured a large pullout map of the top Foods Farms & Flavors Tourism Destination in each of the 13 participating ARC states. Each of the mapped destinations and other selected destinations are now being publicized on the ARC's "Bon Appetit Appalachia: Foods, Farms, and Flavors" tourism website.
Although Stone & Thistle is an operating farm, it is featured primarily under the category of Farm-to-Fork restaurants.

FarmHands – an agricultural consulting business
The many requests we received last year from “wanna be” farmers and farmers seeking diversification prompted us to launch a consulting service to help farmers succeed in and sustain their agricultural businesses. Seasoned farmers Tom and Denise Warren, owners of Stone & Thistle Farm and Kortright Creek Creamery work hand in hand with farmers every step of the farm journey from acquiring farmland to marketing a farm product.
See FarmHands blog for details.

Stone & Thistle Farm
1211 Kelso Road
East Meredith, NY 13757
Phone: 607-278-5800